TRÈS ELLE proudly presents our first feature in British Vogue Fashion Magazine and British Vogue Website.


To receive an email by British Vogue was close to normal for us, with TRÈS ELLE being a high end fashion brand, using the highest of quality materials to produce it's products it was just a matter of time before we started getting recognition, however, we still had to follow precautions such as, background checks, employment list, and calling British Vogue to make sure it was the real thing. Once we realised the email was legit I made a phone call to one of Vogue's colleague's to discuss why they chose TRÈS ELLE as a feature and how one of the world's top leading magazines came across us. They replied pretty straight forwardly with, "We found you on social media (instagram) and really like the products you're distributing and hope that you would be willing to feature in our Spring 2020 Collections." My next question was, "Is their a specific bag you saw that you thought would be a perfect fit for the magazine?" They replied, "Yes the Aris design in white would be perfect for our Spring/Summer 2020 Issue as it's an in season design in terms of size and has the perfect chic, feminine and sophisticated city look" which is everything we (TRÈS ELLE) was looking for in the duration of designing this bag.

With all of the above said and more, the Vogue Spring/Summer 2020 February Issue has the Aris design featured in white along with a short description based on the TRÈS ELLE business and the bag itself. The TRÈS ELLE Aris feature is located in the Vogue's Lookbook section (picture & description No.3).

Purchase a copy of British Vogue's Spring/Summer 2020 February Issue and locate the TRÈS ELLE feature in the Vogue's Lookbook section (picture & description No.3).


  • Feb 03, 2020
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